Death by Cat Pictures
Luciano Pavalama

I’ve read your stuff, seen your project website and listened to the podcast (only the teaser atm). Count me in, Audience++.

Well, think about this: there are thousands of daily inputs to every person in the world today (at least to those who have access to radio, tv and internet) and it gets harder and harder to be heard in this sea of noisy, click bait content that is being created at a rate we can’t, as humanity, cope with.

So it is like you and a lot of small active thinkers, Davids, fighting against Goliath — multimillion media/gossip/food porn/kitty porn vehicles — using nothing more than words against giant Corporations (or against medium sized Davids too) that have more marketers than the amount of lines of code you’ve written in your entire life.

It is not and it won’t be easy to be heard, but to be able to be heard you need to address to an audience that will resonate with your message and from them your word can spread. You will have to pay to reach this initial audience somehow, literally or by working hard and spending time to find them.

I think you have good ideas and I really wish your message reach a wider audience. I suggest you look into marketing techniques (I suppose you might already be looking into it, but just in case), because though you can have great ideas, you certainly need weapons to help you get them across.