BME Mechanic

Dear Board Members:

My patient has asked that I contact you regarding his neurological issues. He has a lengthy history of heredo familial, tremor, and his essential tremor problems are often exacerbated strikingly under periods of tension or stress.

I had been previously subpoenaed for a court appearance involving Dr. Dubelman in 1994 but was precluded from testifying about his essential tremor issues. However, had I been allowed to testify about this ongoing neurological chronic problem, I would have stated that his tremor could have been misperceived during a pelvic examination by a female under stress, in view of the fact that he also has an intention tremor component.

I would hope information regarding essential tremor would be useful for your purposes, but certainly if the Board of Medical Examiners needs further information regarding Dr. Dubelman from a neurological perspective, please do not hesitate to contact me at my office.


Bennett I. Machanic, M.D.


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