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Dear Members of the Licensing Committee:

I met Mr. Dubelman during the fall quarter if the 2002–2003 academic year. At that time, he was a student in my Foundations of Business Decisions Class. During this course, I was impressed with Alan’s intelligence and his enthusiasm for learning. Alan read all the assigned material before class, and did all the problems assigned at the end of each chapter so that he thoroughly understood the material. He knew the additional exposure would help his understanding. In addition, he wanted to make sure he thoroughly understood the material. He knew the additional exposure would help his understanding in addition, he wanted to make sure he thoroughly understood all the nuances of the material.

After watching Allan for a couple of weeks, I realized that his objective was to master the material not just to get a good grade. He completed this first course with me with an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of corporate finance. His level of understanding was equivalent to someone who had taken two courses in corporate finance because of this effort to master the material.

I was so impressed with Alan, that I encouraged him to concentrate his graduate program in finance. I also encouraged him to apply for a teaching assistantship in the finance department.

During the spring quarter of the 2002–2003 academic year, Alan said he was interested in applying for the teaching assistantship, however, he felt obliged to explain his ‘legal record’ to me before proceeding with the teaching assistantship application. I was initially shocked by his revelation, however, upon reflection; I felt that Alan was an extremely capable individual who deserved an opportunity to start a new career.

The finance department chairman and I concurred about Alan’s situation and agreed that we would offer Alan the teaching assistantship. Alan was assigned to be the teaching assistant for my undergraduate classes for the 2003–2004 academic year.

Alan was a superb teaching assistant. He attended all my classes and would ask clarifying questions when he felt students did not understand the material. On one occasion, I asked him to completed the lecture. Alan was very conscientious in his responsibilities. He kept his appointed office hours, and, in fact, scheduled additional time to be available to help students. He graded all of the homework assignments. In a though and timely manner. Many of the students were so comfortable with Alan that they were just as willing to ask him their questions as wait to meet me.

Throughout the year that Alan was my teaching assistant, he conducted himself in a professional manner. He was very respectful of the students. There were never any inappropriate behaviors around female students. Alan was very professional in his demeanor around all students.

Alan took one other course with me in the graduate finance program — Capital Expenditure Analysis. His understanding of finance and excellent financial modeling skills. The case projects he dos for the course demonstrated a good understanding of finance theory as well as a real capability to adapt the theory to a realistic case application. His work demonstrated a good understanding of both the ‘sciences’ and ‘art’ of financial management.

Apart from his analytical abilities and motivation, I have found Alan have excellent commination skills. The case write-ups for my classes were clear, concise and well organized. He also does a very nice job expressing in oral presentations.

During summer after he graduated, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Alan on a consulting project. The project involved the valuation of a company for a possible buy-out by senior management. Alan did all the data gathering and the initial modeling and valuation. Alan did an outstanding job with the valuation. As well as explaining the valuation methodology and the conclusions. To the principal of the company. His work demonstrated an appreciation of the complexities of valuing a business enterprise.

Since this consulting project, I have had the opportunity to watch Alan do the research, planning and financing for a new business venture. He developed the business plan, formed the legal organization and raised the capital for a medical spa, One Eighty Medical Skin Spa. In developing this opportunity he managed all aspects of the organization and served as the founder and CEO of the parent company Medical Anti-Aging Aesthetics, LLC.

Alan is one of the most highly motivated and determined students that I have encountered in my 30 years of teaching.

Besides his intelligence and motivation, Alan has many other attributes. He is a kind individual. He is respectful of others. He is an excellent team player. Alan also has a good sense of humor.

I believe that Alan has all the right abilities to be a very successful manager in the medical industry.

If I can be of further assistance in your evaluation of him, please contact me.


Ron Rizzuto

Professor of Finance

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