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100 Companies Who Understand Domain Names.

Alan Dunn
15 min readJan 18, 2019

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  • How many customers confuse your domain name?
  • How many employees get your domain name wrong?
  • How many writers link to the wrong site?
  • How many times do you spell out your domain name?
  • How many people email
  • How much do you really not like your current domain? — let’s be honest.

Even if you personally don’t get the whole internet thing many of your competitors, customers and employees do. Well, at least the ability to extract only the most meaningful words from your brand name.

Employee confusion is real. Consumer confusion ever more so. Even those companies with really cool made up words almost never make consumers spell the wrong way.

If budget is the issue that’s fair. We all have to eat Mac N Cheese some days. However, one primary reason many companies do not have a better domain is simply the person/people making decisions.

Yep. Many times it’s just good old ego getting in the way of a better brand.

Below are 100 companies who understand brand. Some are your competition. Some you like better than your own. One thing is almost for sure:



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