Taking A Chance In The Real World

As a young child, I thought I’d be just like my dad. Hair stylist with a background of a military man fighting for his religion. But I came to a realization that I live in the US, and a civil war on religion will not break.

So I started growing up with wonderful dreams, specifically one dream. And that is, being an entrepenuer. And I later found out that selling blog comments as a way to linkbuilding your site.

When I was 14 my mom told me buy blog comments for a blog that I tested for a school project. And I laughed and asked why would I ever buy blog comments mom? And then she laughed at me back and said “no silly! Buy blog comments to rank for the search word “Kids blogging” which was my blog title. And I started to think and I started to agree with my mom. Blog comments as backlinks are cheap and easy to outsource, so I told her in return that instead of buying blog comments, I want to sell blog comments. And I told her I’m going to name it “Comment Mule”. And so, I opened Comment Mule, and ever since I have been selling blog comments for cheap for a living.

Thanks for reading!

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