Indivisible Michigan Blasts U.S. Senate GOP Health Bill

Indivisible Michigan


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Indivisible Michigan Blasts U.S. Senate GOP Health Bill

Plan Coming Out After Weeks of Secrecy Would Raise Costs of Health Care and Rx Drugs While Slashing Coverage for Millions

LANSING — Today, Indivisible Michigan blasted the recently unveiled, disastrous U.S. Senate health care bill, which Republicans have hidden from the public until today. According to the Washington Post, like the bill passed in the GOP-controlled U.S. House in March, the Senate version would cause health care costs to soar for Michiganders by allowing insurance companies to charge older Americans five times more and raise the cost of insurance by rolling back affordability credits for millions of American families.

“Republicans crafted this bill behind closed doors. They’re refusing to hold hearings or give people that will be hurt by this legislation time to be heard. The end result is that costs for health care and prescription drugs will skyrocket, while millions of families will lose their insurance altogether. They know this bill is terrible and they’re trying to sneak it by the American people, who don’t want Congress to raise costs and rip coverage away from millions. Ignoring the will of the people is the height of arrogance and Michigan voters will not forget it,” said David Wagner, resident of Bloomfield Hills.

The groups praised Michigan’s two U.S. senators, Debbie Stabenow (D-Lansing) and Gary Peters (D-Bloomfield Twp.), for standing strong against the bill.

“The Senate Republicans’ health care bill will make it nearly impossible for many of our families to afford even higher costs for health insurance. And millions of other Americans will be stripped of health insurance entirely. Poll after poll shows that people in Michigan and across the country strongly oppose raising the cost of insurance even more and it’s time for Republicans to start listening. We’re glad that Michigan’s senators, Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, are in our corner and have vowed to fight this terrible plan every step of the way,” said Peggy Raddatz, resident of Manistee.


Indivisible Michigan is a grassroots coalition of over 30 local chapters across Michigan who are deeply concerned about the direction of our country and stopping the Trump agenda.