How I Slayed my Dance Dragons

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After a decade of not dancing and trying to fill that void with some kind of, ANY kind of sense of purpose, I found myself depressed, spiritually numb, and ultimately out of alignment in life in general. I played with the idea of dancing again and then one day I decided to jump into a ballet class and hip hop class at a top notch New York dance studio. I was so anxious before class started that I cried! I did the best I could, but of course I felt COMPLETELY lost, especially in the fast pace hip hop class. Of course I was embarrassed by how I had performed and at the end of the classes I told the instructors that it was my first class in ten years only to be snubbed. I guess I was expecting some words of encouragement, but…NOPE!

I didn’t take another class again for another 7 months or so until I saw that a new class had been added to my local gym. It was called Zumba! At that time Zumba was not the mega fitness giant that it is today. I gave it a try and it was pretty damn fun! The instructor was talented, engaging, warm, and full of energy! With no expectations about how I should look and no rigid standards or harsh criticism doled out by the instructor or peers, I began to dance freer, more joyfully, and more passionately. And when you feel better while you’re dancing, ultimately you look better while dancing. I didn’t realize but I was becoming a standout student in the class. The instructor took notice and when she left for maternity leave, she approached me about taking over the class.

Initially I was terrified by the idea of being front and center in a class, but I threw caution to the wind, got my certification, and went for it! At this point I worked as a Middle and High School counselor and moonlighted as Zumba instructor. Having dance in my life once again felt so amazing; I wanted to explore how to integrate dance into my psychology career. That is how I stumbled upon Dance Therapy. At first, I thought I invented it! Lo and behold it was a decades old field of study. Silly me! Anyhow, I began reading, researching, and taking various expressive arts and somatic classes. I eventually moved to the San Francisco Bay to pursue my second Master’s Degree at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology a graduate institute that focused on melding spirituality with psychology. While teaching Zumba on the side, I earned my degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a concentration in Expressive Arts Therapies.

Over time I began to take more advanced classes and my Dance Dragons came at me at full force! Oh the heat!!! But, I learned to deal with them. I began to feel empowered to speak up in classes and ask questions so that I could understand how to move my body. I used breathing techniques and mindfulness to manage my anxiety. I learned visualization and musicality cues to help me learn and retain choreography; and I used spirituality and a sense of greater purpose to help me get out of my head and dance more from a space of flow. These are just a few strategies that I teach, as a Dance Inspiration Coach, to help people slay their Dance Dragons. I’m not a perfect dancer and my skill level is not like it was when I was younger and training several hours a day. But with what I call the Four Ps, Practice, Persistence, Patience, and Passion, I have everything I need to accomplish all of my dance goals, and so will you!

Visit my website at to learn about how you can Slay your Dance Dragons through Uninhibited Moving Body sessions!