The React ecosystem is powerful in its own right. Abstracting away many common pitfalls in traditional web development, it made building Single Page Apps (SPAs) at scale both manageable and maintainable. By solidifying component based architecture, one way data flow, immutability and reactive programming, it allowed engineers to build bits…

I’ve brought reasonML into my side-project Shadowrun Creator and here are the steps I took to get everything working. I based most of my work off of the guide found at and it worked well for the most part.

First let’s install the modules we’ll need into our existing…

This is a continuation of the story of 4 engineers figuring out how to evolve a dying platform. Part 1 here.

ES2015 had gone a long way in making quality of life changes to our workflow. We were still very aware that at some point in the future Angular 1…

AngularJS brought much fanfare when it first came on the scene. At ecobee we were quick to adopt it as we had the ecobee3 web portals and mobile apps to build in an 18 month timeframe. 2-way data binding, dependency injection, testing. …

a presentation at #angularJSTO

Last night I gave a presentation at angularJSTO about developing many angular apps at the same time that share a common core. It was a great experience and a big step up from the talks I have done before.

I hadn’t been to many meetups in the last year or so but when the call went out for more presenters I jumped at the chance.

We’ve been using angularJS at ecobee for some time now and have had a great experience with it. I wanted to share our experience of building apps for mobile and web all based around a common set of angular services at the core.

I hope people find my presentation useful and I’m excited to do more of this kind of thing in the future.

Alan Hietala

Principal Dev creating awesome @ecobee. ReasonML and Javascript is my jam.

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