Read this if you want to stop feeling like a LOSER!

Hey! How you doin? Sorry I can ge…..

So, the reason I capitalised on LOSER is because feeling like one is so ever omnipresent. In case you are wondering what that means, perhaps you need to touch up your vocabulary a little bit. Personally I never look back; life to me is all about going (and paying it) forward. Johnny Depp never looks back at his acting, so why should I look back at my writing? Makes perfect sense to me. And for all the haters…..

Allright, I’ll start again. I capslocked LOSER because that’s how you feel when you are one. You feel like a big LOSER. It’s never a little loser. It’s always a massively overwhelming sensation of being an absolute failure. You see all these people around you, having fun, teabagging each other, smiling, going outside to smell flowers. And there you are; the epitome of suck-ass. I used to be like you. I used to look at myself in the mirror and scream; “you piece of fucking shit, I fucking hate you..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

One day I had enough, I wanted to enjoy life just like others. So I turned everything around. I blocked all those voices. All of those people saying I was narcissist, an egocentric megalomaniac with sociopathological tendencies. I blocked them. And guess what, instant RETURN ON INVESTMENT. The ROI was big too, thus the caplocking. I blocked the voices and I listened to my inner voice. And guess what. Here I am, I have got a crew, I have got followers. People send me messages.all the time, thanking me “for showing them the way”, “for putting them in the right direction” You know what I say to them? I say “you are WELCOME”.

And to all you non believers, you judgmental judgers; eat so many bags of dicks that you feel unpleasantly nauseous afterwards. Guess what. I am a winner, I persevere. You want to be a WINNER? You want to be part of the COOL PEOPLE? All you need to do is listen to that inner voice……..and eat cacao.

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