Learning for Impact Cycle
Roy Steiner

Learning, for impact, in complex systems

Thanks for your recent posts Roy. It’s great to hear more about the Omidyar Network’s approach to organizational learning, with systems thinking, a theory of change, a results framework and learning questions at the core. I also very much appreciate your candor in the comments about the fact that the best we can hope for as regards saying what impact one has in a complex system, is not proof, but rather “a clear believable narrative about impact, that has some level of credible evidence.”

I’d love to hear more in future posts about how the Omidyar Network is: supporting and encouraging its grantees/investees to become better learning organizations, and; encouraging other funders, who may have a different perspective on evidence, learning and impact, to put adaptive learning center-stage. Supporting and exploring the value of a learning-centered approach to engaging in complex systems is very much at the heart of our strategy at Global Integrity, so hearing from others who are trying to do similar things is extremely useful! A two-pager on “what we do and why we do it” is here and a short post on our learning plan is here.