5 Reasons Why Your Sublimation Clothing isn’t Getting any ‘Customer Love’

It’s known, sublimation wears are trending in the fashion scene. It has been that way for over a year now. Clothing retailers are going nuts with the sublimation shirts wholesale, as well as hoodies and pants — stocking them in super-large quantity.

But there are those unlucky ones who, even with the high market demand of sublimation clothing, fail to capitalize on this trend. Their wholesale, left unsold, stay still and decorate their warehouse forever!

Can you relate to these ‘unlucky ones’? Are you too struggling with your unsold custom sublimated jackets, shirts, and pants? We’re here to help, if yes.

Here are 5 reasons why your sublimation clothing isn’t getting any ‘customer love’-

1. You’re over (and unnecessarily) customizing your bulk
Just because sublimation clothing manufacturers are offering personalization option doesn’t mean you MUST use it even when it makes no sense. These top manufacturers produce their bulk in accordance to the current market trend, which often doesn’t require any change.

2. You’re not stocking what’s trending in the market
If you’re still stocking those floral half sleeve shirts, should you know, it’s not 2014! Today, the monochromatic colored tees, jackets and shorts are trending. If you’re offering something that’s out of the trend, your customers won’t buy them. Period.

3. The dye sublimation print of your collection is of poor quality
Not every manufacturer uses the same high quality sublimation technology. Some use the poor type that results in equally poor dye sublimated print. Meaning, the wears are of low quality that offers less comfort with reduced ventilation and wicking properties. Are you sure you’re not stocking such wholesale?

4. Your marketing strategy is flawed
To reach out the customers, as well as to beat the so-many-competitors, you need a decent marketing strategy. How you’re going to target, communicate and then convert your customers- you must have a definite and cost-effective plan.

5. You haven’t done a thorough research on your consumers
Even before marketing, or buying your wholesale, you must know about your customers. Who they are, where they are, their needs, preferences, buying habits and budget. Doing research on the customers is the most basic, important, yet overlooked step. Unless you know your customers how are you going to offer them something that they want and can afford.

These are the 5 very common mistakes you might be making that are leaving your sublimation wear wholesale unsold. Avoid them immediately and see higher sales. Start by contacting a good and well-renowned shirt and sublimated hoodie manufacturer.