Try Not to Pass these as Your Workout Clothing

There is a good reason why clothing experts have laid out crisp differences between everyday clothing and fitness wear. The fact that you cannot possibly workout in everyday clothing without compromising on your immediate well being happens to be the reason that makes the most sense. Workout clothing manufacturers usually use high quality pro fitness materials that are way more absorbent and quick drying than fabrics used for casual clothing or party wear. They are also more flexible and enduring than the regular clothes that are carried to offices or worn for a lazy day home. Following is a very small list of clothes that should never be used as workout clothing even by those who do not wish to invest in fitness gears specifically…

Regular shirts and t shirts — This happens to be the first temptation for the pennywise. Using regular shirts and t shirts for workout can always be damaging because they usually don’t sport high levels of breathability, absorbency or quick drying attributes. This will cause all perspiration to get trapped between the skin and the fabric while increasing body temperature because of low breathability. The fabric will also stick to your skin heavily compromising on flexibility. The result… you will pass out on the floor within 20 minutes of regular workout or 4.5 minutes of cardio exercises.

Cotton leggings and Old office pants — Even if your workout routine consists of nothing more than 20 minutes of jogging on the treadmill, cotton leggings or old office pants can heavily come in your way. Cotton leggings may be breathable and reasonably flexible, but then, it never dries quickly. When your legs begin to perspire, the fabric catches the moisture and retains it making the wearers feel icky, itchy and very uncomfortable. Chaffing and rashes become very common. The same happens with old office pants with the added burden of perspiration trickling down the legs which is never a good feeling.