My Worst Decision Ever — NOT

The worse decision I have made in my life was to buy underpants with a broad woven band with the DAY OF THE WEEK embroidered in the band.

Here’s some impacts:

I am compelled to make sure I have the right pair on for the corresponding day of the week! Why? Because I might end up in hospital and people might think I haven’t changed them if they are out of sync.

I spend a disproportional amount of time looking for the pair I need! They are not in the drawer… not in the clean washing… not on the line… not in the dryer… OMG! They are in the wash!

You are right, this is not the worse decision anyone could possibly make!

It seemed like a good idea at the time until the discipline slides and decision fatigue sets in.

Well it’s time to lighten up! While we can’t go back and change many decisions, we can simply get it, don’t do the same thing again, clean it up or try something new!

So I did. I purchased five new pairs with a broad woven band (because I like those!) with words such as Rockstar, Hot Stuff and Dynamite woven in! I don’t anticipate a problem yet, though there are seven days in the week!

It is empowering to get that while we can’t necessarily change the past we are free to let it go, make new decisions and try something new.

Cheers and Success Alan.

PS: If our decisions cause real damage and pain to others or ourselves then it is in our interest to clean up the mess!