Success Moment by Moment

I posted on Twitter and Facebook with this photo:

“My Definition of Success! BBQ on back veranda with my gorgeous wife of a house the market said we couldn’t have!”

It is true, I married Donna almost 2 years ago, our anniversary in 2 days and we purchased the house about 17 months ago, in the Sydney market with the bare minimum, I mean the absolute bare minimum!

It reminds me though, that success is not a destination while a result may be. Success is moment by moment as an experience. And as an experience it can go unnoticed as we bury it with our concerns, worries and desires. Desires for something better even though we have what we need right now.

This is one of the principles drawing me to coaching. I want my clients to experience success, to move beyond their thoughts and feelings, to let go of the upset in not having in the moment what they want in the future and to cherish it now.

Cherish that moment right now and deal with anything that is in the way of that.

Success and Love, Alan

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