The Fundamental Difference Between Thriving and Dying Organizations
Sam Spurlin

Love this Sam. I’m a particular fan of working with the 3 levels of tension you mention. Although it often surfaces at the organisational level, people often miss out the individual level, or just talk about it as if ‘the organisation’ is some living being imposing stuff on people and we don’t have a role to play. For me, tension starts internally, when we make decisions that something in the environment ‘is me/isn’t me’ and create our own internal tensions. That then extends out into groups of ‘us/them’ (like me/not like me) and finally the consequences of all those static positions create the tensions of connecting/not connecting at the organisational level. And it even continues out into some who talk about the future of work while continuing to create tensions by dismissing anyone who doesn’t agree with their view of the future. And so the fractures continue …

Thanks for not going there, and for the metaphor of working with the rain :-).

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