Lecrae at Grammys

“Oh, I’m on a mission, they probably think I’m missing some screws, but it’s these three nails that keep me drivin.”

— Lecrae — (walk with me).

Church Clap by KB feat. Lecrae (Lyric video)

Millennial music consumers and Baby boomer parents, Lecrae is mainstream’s current darling for Christian Rap. But there are others who are more underground and your child will confirm that underground (side B for us Baby boomers) has always been where the musical gems can be found or where radio airplay and placement in music charts matter not.

Parents instead of us trying to impose our will on our child’s musical choices just play this tune while cleaning the house and while our child is playing some video game that doesn’t require head phones. The beat alone will attract them and the lyrics offer an alternative to street life: Ty Brasel — Lifestyle

Ty’s entire Gospel EP is soulful and spreads the message of hope through the gift of Hip Hop. And the beauty of it all is that the message is for us parents too. Much of it can be found on YouTube and Soundcloud

Google Search

Like YouTube, Soundcloud is a musical platform for uploading, sharing and making playlists of music and is a great place to start. Rapzilla curates many of the Christian Gospel Rappers and Hip Hop enthusiasts for Christ on Soundcloud.

Once your children explore theses gems they will share what they like. How do I know? Remember when you were playing Ty Brasel — Lifestyle, likely they stopped playing their game to find out what smooth sound you were listening too.

Hopefully a few of their friends were also with them when you played Ty. That way it’s sure to become not just their music but more so community music. Together they and we can absorb the sounds and feel the message. Hip Hop is about both and what better platform is there than Gospel to spread messages about truth and forgiveness.

So mom, dad find yourself a quiet spot and slap on some headphones. Listen to each song here and provide some feedback. Make your own playlist to share with the young folk in your life. And may I suggest that your lead off song be Ty Brasel’s — Lifestyle?

Share your songs with other parents and grow your playlist. If ambitious, throw a school or block party and let your music come from a combination of sources.

Soundcloud: Ty Brasel — Lifestyle; Playdough — Saint Dangle; EricAston — With Age; Imperial — All Is Grace ft. Joshua Luke Smith; O.D.O.T. — 2Pac Remix or

We must continue our efforts to enrich our children. We take nothing away through addition. And if you or someone you know live in or near the ghetto let it be viewed and heard from the heavenly music and its love of GOD.

Resurrect me.

Lyrics: I’m dying of frostbite, the grip of my sins too tight. It appears that I’ve lost my sight, and what’s really wrong or right. But you washed me white. Why am I swimming of pools of black ink, I sink, and have the audacity to think that there’s no way out. That I amount to nothing, not trusting in the one who was suffering just to bury all of this. I keep digging up my past so the tears will last, I’m like a boat without a mast. As if a ‘New creation’ is just a title. Like I’m nothing new at all.

Resurrect me, cause I dig up the evil you buried. Resurrect me, cause the weight of my hearts too heavy. Resurrect me, cause this life on its own is just suicide. Resurrect me, because I can’t control the tide.

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