If you need this lengthy of a clarification, what the heck.
Dee Sadler

You make an important point: many people involved in product/design/strategy/marketing/innovation are not interested in learning how to think. They just want a step by step:

“I’m supposed to create [this type of deliverable], tell me how to do that.”

The fact that many refer to JTBD as a framework also makes that point. JTBD is not a framework, it’s a theory. People keep referring to JTBD as a framework because that’s all they know: frameworks of execution.

As Deming wisely said, people don’t want to think. They want to copy (frameworks). And that is why they fail…

Experience teaches nothing. In fact, there is no experience to record without theory… Without theory, there is no learning… And that is their downfall. People copy examples and then they wonder what is the trouble. They look at examples and without theory, they learn nothing.

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