The Big Almanac Podcast — Part 1

Excerpts from Be A Hero: Lessons and tips on how to find success and happiness, and mostly importantly, how to be a Hero.

1. THE BEGINNING (20 minutes)

1.1 Follow your dreams
 1.2 Don’t follow your passion
 1.3 Love life
 1.4 Keep moving
 1.5 Stop trying to save the world
 1.6 Lessons from a Frog
 1.7 Do your best


2.1 Be loyal
 2.2 Be respectful
 2.3 Take responsibility
 2.4 Persevere
 2.5 Do the right thing
 2.6 Underpromise
 2.7 Be humble


3.1 Seven attributes of a Hero
 3.2 Be equanimous
 3.3 Have a sense of humour
 3.4 There is no try, there is only do
 3.5 Make it look easy
 3.6 Go the extra mile

Originally published at The Big Almanac.