The Big Almanac Podcast — Part 3

Excerpts from Be A Hero: Lessons and tips on how to find success and happiness, and mostly importantly, how to be a Hero.

4. PHILOSOPHY (continued) (20 minutes)

4.6 Control your Destiny
 4.7 Listen to the Universe


5.1 Know thyself
 5.2 Know what you don’t know
 5.3 Know your motives
 5.4 Use your natural gifts
 5.5 Your reputation doesn’t matter
 5.6 Focus on your talents
 5.7 Ego is like a dragon


6.1 Make your bed in the morning
 6.2 Don’t be too proud to do the dirty work
 6.3 Write every day
 6.4 Wake up early
 6.5 Have good manners
 6.6 Avoid small decisions
 6.7 Wash your hands
 6.8 Live simply
 6.9 Smile and wave
 6.10 Be a paranoid optimist

Originally published at The Big Almanac.

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