The Big Almanac Podcast — Part 6

Excerpts from Be A Hero: Lessons and tips on how to find success and happiness, and mostly importantly, how to be a Hero.

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10. FAMILY (20 minutes)

10.1 Don’t neglect your family
 10.2 Seven reasons to marry young
 10.3 Seven ways children make you a better person
 10.4 Make a living and live at the same time
 10.5 Be present
 10.6 Teach your children
 10.7 The six-month rule


11.1 Go into the lion’s den
 11.2 The man in the arena
 11.3 The courage to copy cowards
 11.4 The courage to follow
 11.5 The courage to fight
 11.6 The courage to lead
 11.7 The courage to speak up
 11.8 The courage to carry on
 11.9 The courage to quit
 11.10 The courage to ignore the crowd
 11.11 The courage to face the truth
 11.12 The courage to face the fear of failure
 11.13 If, by Rudyard Kipling


12.1 The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren

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