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Total crock. Lefty Climate Scientist Pielke was booted from the Religion of AGW for having the temerity of demonstrating that we are seeing LESS not more damage from storms (fortunately he had tenure and moved over to another department:

The problem is that the Soros Globalist flat earth NO Growth Media are all in for AGW and no amount of evidence from scientists like Pielke — East Anglia Climategate scandal, Vostok ice core samples will change their minds. And what kind of science uses terms like consensus and “denier”? Religions do. And AGW is a sacred religion to the illiberal left. Where’s the open debate? First there is no real consensus — the 97% number is bogus. Second, The Catholic Church had consensus that the earth was the center of the Universe — until ONE mad invented a telescope and proved their dogma was wrong.

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