Fabulous Paintings of Penguins

British Wildlife and Bird Artist Alan M Hunt produced a series of stunning penguin paintings after his field trip to view the wildlife of antarctica. During the voyage Alan got to study the varied and amazing antarctica wildlife including seabirds, mammals and fish that make the cold and frozen oceans around Antarctica their habitat. On this epic journey Alan encountered many species of penguins including King, Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins which he chose to make the subject of his stunning hyper-detailed and photo-realistic paintings. Alan hailed the field trip to Antarctica a trip of a lifetime. And his field studies and photographs he now treasures along with his original paintings of penguins he created from this epic and once in a lifetime experience.

Thee Kings —Original Painting of King Penguins by Alan M Hunt
Gentoo Penguin by Alan M Hunt
Gentoo Penguins emerging from the cold Antarctic Ocean by Alan M Hunt

This collection of superb paintings of Penguins is now exclusively available as art decor prints, posters, throws, duvet covers, bath towels, coffee mugs, phone cases and much more exclusively designed by Alan M Hunt from his animal art shop.