Diet Drinks Aren’t Killing You
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

Interestingly, I came across this article quite by accident — through my in-box — just as I was a about launch myself into a deep dive into the data on artificial sweeteners precisely because of the scary stories that have been coming out.

I would have been a little more impressed if you had happened to mention who funded the study. No one studies anything anymore unless there is an individual or an organization putting up financial backing to underwrite the research. Since this is more or less an literature review of an existing study, I would like to know who funded the original study, and what they were looking for, as well as for the identity of the individual or organization that funded this study.

I am not in agreement with you about GMO food products, but my objections to them stem more from their effect upon long term agricultural disasters stemming from the uniformity of seed crops and the likelihood that such uniformity will result in the development of new pests that will make it more difficult to maintain food production.

The bottom line is always the difference behind the difference. We are addicted to sweetness. Every natural sweetener except for Stevia triggers a variety of medical conditions, and I am not even sure about Stevia. Something that tastes that bad can’t be good. If it is a choice between an increased risk of morbidity weighed against a lifetime of pleasure denial, why bother to keep living?

The medical conditions that are so often attributed to a single causative agent are almost always the result of a complex of interacting forces and conditions, some of which are genetic in nature. Life is complicated.

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