Lambda has a deployment package limit of 250 MB (unzipped, including layers) and is typically a reasonable limit when using a serverless first or microservices strategy. However, in some cases, there might be a need to use a monolithic function in lambda. Using libraries in python like Pandas and Numpy can be done in lambda today but the 250 MB limit is quickly hit when adding additional limits.

In this example, aws-data-wrangler will be used as a lambda layer to satisfy the Pandas and Numpy requirement. Now lets add a snowflake connector to push the 250 MB limit. …

If you are like me, you do not remove s3 buckets in your AWS account and always seem to have 99 of them. I always find myself deleting one bucket so I can just add another and not hit my S3 bucket default limit. I finally decided to go through and clean up the buckets that I no longer use. There are two things that I need to do.

How to decide which buckets to remove:
1. I know longer use or need the bucket.
2. The bucket is empty.

Option 1 seems like a lot of work and I…

I want an update to my slack channel of all the new announcements from AWS, once a day and at 8:00am CST. Of course, we can subscribe to the RSS feed but I really want all announcements to come in once a day. Lets make a good old fashioned crawler with python 3.7, lambda, and Slack.

Whats required

  1. Make a lambda layer for Beautiful Soup and Python 3.7
  2. Create a slack channel and add a web crawler app
  3. Create the lambda function
  4. Add a cloudtrail event rule and set to a scheduled cron job

Make a lambda layer for Beautiful…

I live in a downtown Chicago apartment and like many living in a city, I park in a parking garage. The garage recently upgraded their radio-frequency identified device system to a license plate recognition system. I was intrigued by the announcement but, being pessimistic, I expected the system to fail and hinder me from entering or exiting the garage. I was wrong and the solution that was implemented has worked with 100% success. Even when, I don’t follow the laws by having a license plate on my front bumper or follow good car hygiene. …

Alan Newcomer

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