My Live with Vi

The marketing was great, and the ideas was sound. So, a few months ago, I bought a Vi (

It’s awesome and I hate it, and sometimes it’s just ok.

I used to run a lot, then backed off for a while due to a knee injury (from a half marathon), then work craziness (I’ve since left Microsoft), but have been running more this year…but only 15–20 miles a week, so still not ready to return to the world of long distance running.

But — as I mentioned above, I saw the Vi, plopped down the 200 bucks or so, and waited for it to arrive.

First off, the fit and comfort is absolutely top notch. I could wear the headphones all day. The sound is good (not great), but far better than my other pair of cheap bluetooth headphones. I also really like the variety of feedback the headphones can give me during runs. I’ve picked up speed, and distance, and I actually think the AI coaching has had something to do with that.

All that said, the thing pisses me off enough that I’m not in love. It wonderfully connects with spotify automatically…but one every few weeks, usually smack in the middle of what I think is going to be a personal best 10k, the music. just. stops. No amount of twiddling the controls on the headset help. If I want music, I have to stop and restart the entire run. My Vi stats are filled with days where I basically did two back to back 3 mile runs. Granted, this is happening less now, but I cannot under express the anger from this.

It’s also great that Vi does frequent product updates. Except, it seems that every time I get an update, all of my settings get reset. I have to log in again, reconnect with spotify. I start my run, and a few minutes later, realize that I forgot to reset all of the other settings (turn off effort mode, turn on bass boost, etc.). It’s annoying.

But I still like it — but wonder if I’d like a really good set of blue tooth headphones and runkeeper just as much.

Which brings me to my final annoyance. The app has a lot of statistics on my mileage, heart rate, step rate, and more. But it’s limited, and there’s no online version where I can over analyze pace and splits from week to week or anything else the other run tracking apps supply plenty of.

I’m sure all of this is on the radar for the future, but for now, I’ll remain a (slightly) disappointed Vi user.

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