How to Win a Lot of Money

There aren’t a lot of easy ways to make big sums of money quickly. Earning money usually requires hard work for years on end. To skip all these years of hard work, people keep seeking ways to win big and fast. The best way to do it is to play the lottery! US Powerball is now offering $40 million — just waiting to be claimed!

A Bit of History

I wasn’t always a lottery fan. As a kid, I remember my grandpa buying weekly Oz Lotto tickets and even buying a subscription for my oldest cousin. I didn’t really think much about lottery and had no special opinion about it.

As I grew up and started my own family, I needed to think of ways to add some income without adding a second job, and hopefully while having fun. And the lottery is indeed fun — the anticipation and suspense are priceless. And what’s my favourite lottery to play? The US Powerball, of course.

Since 1988 the US Powerball, which was originally named “Lotto America”, has been giving us 2 exciting drawings per week. The lottery is available all over the US for those residing or visiting there, and is available online for anyone, anywhere in the world!

Biggest Draw in the World

The US Powerball has generated many huge jackpots over the years, but the one that made the world go crazy was probably January’s jackpot — $1.58 BILLION. Three lucky ticket holders won the jackpot, after having matched all 5 numbers + Powerball.

It’s no wonder people around the world love the US Powerball. Since its rule change last year, US Powerball has set a goal to keep delivering big jackpots time after time, and is succeeding in doing so. Thus far, the smallest jackpot won was $246.8 million (on September 17th 2016), which is higher than any other jackpot average around.

Taking Home the Prize

Last Saturday, September 17th, one jackpot winner from Georgia cashed in on the massive jackpot, with winning numbers 9–19–51–55–62 and Powerball 14. No second prize winners were announced, but all in all 864,609 winners took home more than $7.5 million!

How to join in on the fun? It’s easy. Play Powerball online by clicking on the link and get on your way to riches!

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