Am I too young or too old to start a business?

Short answer? Neither. Even though I don’t know how old are you, I believe you’re just the right age to start your business — doing the work you love. And the best time to start is TODAY.

And I’ll get back to why TODAY is the best time to start a business but first check real world examples. They suggest that it doesn’t matter how old are you. (Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at 19. Where Charles Flint launched IBM at 61).

You want few world brands that were started where founders were around 50 year old and older? IBM, Bank Of America, Kawasaki, Porsche, Nestle, Starbucks, Adidas etc.

Few world brands that were started where founders were around 20 year old and younger? Dell, UPS, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Harley-Davidson, Disney etc.

Hollywood and prime time media stories paint you a skewed picture of “19year old kid starting a billion dollar company from its dorm room or his parents garage” simply because trend is getting there.

And it’s getting there for two reasons:

First is that the regime changed — this is just a quick rant for all you “fallen heroes” that are STILL transitioning from and crying about previous regimes, be it Communistic, Socialistic or any other. Stop being so freaking romantic about what was and switch to what is. Today we live (at least in most countries) in Capitalism. Yes. In pure Capitalism. That’s the current Truth. Accept this fact and adapt or you’ll loose. Nobody else will loose, you will. Enough ranting.

Now, the second reason for conversation grounding itself around this “young founders” trend is the fact The Internet came to be and became globally accepted.

So what exactly means “Internet came to be”?

It means that you’re living in nothing less than the 2nd industrial revolution.

In 1st industrial revolution it was made possible for the society as a whole to get better , advance faster and get wealthier (at least in s.c. “developed world”).

Today that “get better, advance faster and get wealthier” opportunity moved from whole society to each individual — to an entrepreneur. To an individual who has the audacity and courage to start his own business.

You want to pursue your passions, do the work you love and be paid for it? You want to change something that you think could be better? Create a movement maybe? Create s.c. “financial freedom” for yourself and your family?

Then I’m here to notify you you just hit the Jackpot! Starting your own business is done better TODAY than in 2000 or 1996 or 1984 or even 1963, ok?

In the past only the big corporations could afford to hiring, producing, distributing and promoting their products on global scale. That changed. Today you live in new reality. Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Amazon, eBay, Salesforce.. are here. Today anyone can be in business.

Tools that used to be out of reach for regular John are now easily accessible. Technology that costed thousands is now just a few bucks or even free. One person can do the job of two or three or in some cases of entire department. Stuff that was impossible just a few years ago are SIMPLE and FAST TODAY.

That’s the era you’re living in today. You’re lucky. Use that to your advantage.

I know all to much older people who live with regret.

One thing I ask you NOT to do is to look back in your 80s and weaver back on this moment that was available to you TODAY.

The only things that are not fun, the only things that you regret when you’re old like history itself are the things that you didn’t do.

You know, this random stuff. Like, asking the girl out. Saying something to someone.

This is the stuff that bothers you to the core!

So I implore to you my friend — future entrepreneur if you like. Start your own thing. Start your own business TODAY because this window closes too.

What do I mean by “window”?

The ability you have TODAY to get disproportionate wealth and be financially rewarded. It’s an unfair advantage you have today over future generations that are yet to be born.

And simply because everything looks great for starting a business today, please remember that it won’t stay this way. This “window” will close too.

It always does. It’s irrefutable law of socioeconomic dynamics — supply & demand — as you get more and more entrepreneurs and there are more and more people doing it, the s.c. “empty demand glass” gets filled quickly.

It was a lot easier to start a cake shop when there were no retail stores in town in 1973 and you were the only one in your town to offer cakes for birthdays. Every family would come to you and order a cake. Even if you were offering just 2 flavors of cakes — fruit and chocolate one.

Today? Today you get 100 flavors of cakes in first 3 retail stores you visit.

So what’s happening here?

I’m trying to point you in the direction of opportunity here because there is so much white space left TODAY to build your own business around what you love doing.

But lots of people don’t start their business because they get either “scared” or “dreamy”. And you don’t have to be neither.

What I mean?

People feel they are pushed to or attracted by this 3 billion exits by all the media coverage this few Unicorns, like Facebook, Instagram, Google get. It’s how conversation on starting your own business is grounded today. And it’s wrong!

Here is a newsflash — for every Instagram there are 1000 Instacraps, ok?! Everybody is chasing this “Unicorn” shit and they burn to ashes.

Listen, this companies are exceptions — stop fucking chasing them or feeling you have to chase them. They are once in a generation successes. Make something useful and practical people are willing to pay you for TODAY.

Make something useful and practical people are willing to pay you for TODAY

Imagine how great would it feel to tell your parents or grandparents or even your kids when they grow up that you’ve build your own thing, your own business? That you make $200.000/year. Can you imagine what kind of nirvana that would feel?

The conversation about starting your own business should be grounded around 10.000 opportunities that you have if you step back and understand what’s happening and build something around your own pain-point.

Like… your pain-point might be your kids don’t want to go to the kindergarten in the morning while you’re in a rush and you have to fight all the time, day in and day out. I mean that’s a real pain-point, right? Create a process for that, or an app or whatever you think solves this problem.

You know there is so much ways to build a business and if you just sit back and think about how much money you make right now and double that amount and think about being able to make something on your own terms?

Now all of the sudden you’ve grounded yourself in totally different conversation than this weird expectation and need to be the next Zuck, Gates or Jobs, right?

So I’m looking for practicality… I’m looking for practicality because practical business building was never easier than is TODAY. And it doesn’t matter how old are you.

Business simply means helping other people in some way and being compensated for that (currently mostly with money).

So start your own business today.

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 — Alan


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