About that Manifesto and Diversity Programs
Beth Crocker

I believe you don’t really care about “diversity” you care about identity politics, because you’ve been brainwashed into believing that there are all these poor victims that you can “help” by following a specific prescription.

The problem with identity politics is sooner or later every single group of anything — not just the people you are trying to get to vote for you — will eventually create their own group. And then the groups will go to war with each other. And you will loose control of the narrative, and the people you’re trying to manipulate.

The problem that the rest of us have with the firing is that he was fired for expressing an opinion that was not in line with official group think. Google’s own official statement, if you read it, makes this perfectly clear. How is this any different from the Taliban?

The idea that you are gong to regulate an organization, be it a school, business, or government to hire people based on race, creed, or gender percentages handed down from the Central Ministry of Diversity is patently absurd. To be successful you have to hire the people that have the skills you need, at the price you can afford to pay. Leaders who don’t do this eventually fail, it’s just that simple.

If you really believe all this fabricated indignation about “gender diversity in tech” then explain why the people at the top of the left — who are leading this charge — pay women less than men, and don’t have perfectly balanced diverse staffs? The answer is because the whole SJW Identity Politics philosophy is a hollow straw man that was invented by people who want your money, and want control over everyone so they can enrich themselves.

For the record, I run a tech company. We are about 40% women and 60% men. Not because I was forced to meet some artificial quota handed down from a dictator… I hired, and kept, the best people for each job. That’s what you do if you want to succeed. You don’t pay any attention to people’s gender, or their race.