A Message to the So-Called “Principled Conservatives”
Austin Frank

If you’re a Democrat, either you buy the WHOLE platform or you are out. Publicly they talk about how they are a “big tent” but in reality you either all in or all out.

The Democrats can get three groups who fundamentally disagree on many points to march together.

The Republicans are completely incapable of this, because they claim to want a free and open discussion of policy, .vs. a cult mentality.

Both sides are part of the same “establishment”. You know, let’s write a bill naming a post office and write in a million dollars of “earmarks” — bribes in any other country — to pay off our cronies and friends back home. Like it or not this is the way every country in the world actually works we just pretend we are somehow different and better.

What Trump is challenging — or claims to challenge, so far he hasn’t done it — is this “establishment”. It’s probably BS to get him elected, just like the Democrats who promise liberty! equality! fraternity! but are actually repressive anti free speech control the ignorant masses people.

The establishment — whether you are a Democrat or a Republican — pays very, very well. And the people who are inside, and living high on the Taxpayer gravy train, will do anything and everything to keep that gravy flowing. So would any man, or woman, who found themselves in this position. Trump is a billionaire who says he wants to help us. Hillary is a millionaire who claims to be a poor oppressed middle class lawyer from Arkansas. There isn’t as much difference as you think. And you’re not going to change fundamental human behavior no matter how “right” you believe you are. We can hope for small changes, and more honesty, and maybe we can stop invading people for no reason… or making fools of ourselves in front of the world for making much ado about nothing.

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