Top 20 Remote Working Apps
Francesco D'Alessio

My company, which has been around going on 7 years now is 100% cloud based with workers in six time zones, remote worker tools are a big topic.

We’ve used many of the tools here, and have settled on free alternatives for some things:

Redmine is an open source free project management tool that once mastered has many critical features not found in paid alternatives such as Wiki’s, custom workflows, and sophisticated user/role management.

Skype (not Skype for Business) is a free communication tool.

GIT, or Mercurial is essential for remote development teams, also free.

Smartsheet (paid) is a great tool for scheduling.

Basecamp is nice but not worth the price when Redmine is free. Asana has a great visual presentation but has annoying features. Trello is good for agile teams, but is lacking when it comes to issue/task assignment and tracking. Unless your business is really simple, there’s no good time tracking to accounting system we tried many and created our own.

It would be awesome to connect with other virtual organizations and compare notes.

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