The Correct answer is No.

If I were to ask you what hand you would like me to cut off the right, or left? What would you say? Right? Left? The correct answer is neither. Seriously, it’s your hands. You don’t want to lose a hand, is you don’t have to. IF you are told you have to, then you’d better ask to speak to the management. You must remember that you are not confined to the choices you are presented with, and that you can and should make your voice heard.

You should yell like “NO” like you were Sansa Stark on her unfortunate wedding night with the second bastard she was sold to. Harsh? Not nearly as harsh as the fate America will suffer in the bed of the next President. The options we have been given are, at their best only as morally bankrupt as Ramsey. Mind you, Ramsey was eaten by hounds, and it had a feel of justice to it, didn’t it?

We should no sooner hand our county over to a savage, devoid of common decency, then we should accept stale McDonalds fries. Because stale french fries are the worst, and that would make us a people who accept the lowest quality of things. We, The People, are better than that. We will not allow fools who do not represent us to hijack our country as they have done to the British. We demand better things.

How the hell are these our choices?? Who the hell is running this establishment!? Who is in charge of things???


No. They hate each other, and everyone else, and they won’t admit it. So the things in their charge are stagnant, as they cannot agree on action.


No. They have the same problems as the Republicans, but picked drugs over counseling thus the things in their charge are also stagnant, as they cannot agree on action.


No. He can’t even fill the Supreme Court Bench. We may as well not even have a President. The few things in their charge are stagnant as they await action from congress.


No. They flat out told us they weren’t gonna be doin shit for a while because they hate Obama, and the people who sent them to Washington (us).

The only thing left to have any sway is money. Where money goes, so does influence. Lot of money in Washington. Lot of representatives in Washington. Not a lot of work being done in Washington.

Again, who is running this fine establishment, and when can we see them regarding the quality of service? We’ve been given stale representatives, and we’d like to exchange them for a fresh batch. See, these here don’t appear to have us in mind, and we’d like some that do. Thank you.

Clearly we should be governed, yes? Who exactly is doing that now? Can we send word to them that the police are playing it fast and loose, and we’d all like that to stop. Surely we can make this thing better.

Being told that we have no choice but to elect a crook to the highest office of the land is like asking “Shall we chop off your right or left hand this evening sir?” The correct answer is “No.”

Now who the hell can we see about that?

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