The Trouble with Hot Guys.

Cute article.

I mostly dated very pretty girls, but for a different and more self serving reason. I generally liked most all women and could have a pretty decent time with anyone. I got 795 out of 800 on my math SAT (excellent with fractions, algebra, and practical geometry) and am quite well read and conversational.

My issue was that pretty girls get hit on constantly. The girls I dated were so beautiful that guys wouldn’t even went until I went to the lavatory to hit on them. They would just walk up and break into our conversation right then. (Which also gets old…) but the *best* thing about a pretty girl is: If you don’t call them back, it doesn’t break their heart. (I’m not even sure some of them notice…) their phones never stop ringing.

By contrast, if you date an unattractive girl (or even a painfully shy wallflower), She may decide that you are “The Only Man She Ever Really Loved” and keep calling you, following you, and a whole panoply of behaviors right out of The Stalkers Handbook. Uninterrupted by a constant stream of new suitors, this behavior can persist for months or years, forcing me to say unkind things or get a restraining order to reclaim my life. This is not the way I like to act.

When I started dating pretty girls exclusively, that problem went away. And, to be fair, I think that there are about as many fun, intelligent pretty girls as there are unattractive ones. So, problem solved…

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