Scanta Introduces Pikamoji to China

Scanta has finally made its way into mainland China late October of 2018 at an AR/VR conference located in Qingdao. This was hosted by the International Conference on Virtual Reality and Visualization (ICVRV). They have an interest in theoretical and technological innovations, novel applications, practice and experience analyses, and a hope to establish standards in this field and stimulate future trends. You can see why Scanta was excited to make join ICVRV as one of the leading augmented reality companies to this day.

The CEO of Scanta, Chaitanya (Chad) Hiremath, had the opportunity to share the company’s accomplishments and future plans with students from leading technology institutes of China. In an interview with Chad, he said, “ I am very content with the welcoming hospitality provided by the Chinese organizers. It was such a pleasure to speak in front of the next generation and I look forward to partnerships with them in the near future.” Scanta views China as a potential market and is excited to see new Chinese players in the AR industry in the upcoming years.

Over the years the world has experienced different AR services such as Google Tango, Apple’s AR Kit and AR Core, etc. all of which are exclusive to a certain brand. There has been AR devices such as Microsoft Hololens, Magic Leap, and various smart glasses. Although augmented reality has been around, we are still in the beginning stages and the projected growth is expected to skyrocket in the coming years.

Previously, there has been a strong public opinion that VR and AR was meant for gaming and entertainment. We are learning day after day that this technology has the power to have a severe impact on other key industries such as healthcare, education, training, retail, marketing, etc. Imagine trying to remodel your home with new furniture. Instead of going to the store and imagining how a piece of furniture would look in your head, you’ll be able to visually see an augmented table placed in your home through your mobile device.

What differentiates Scanta from other AR companies is that they harness the power of augmented reality with blockchain technology to build innovative experiences with an aim to disrupt the way people live, learn, and communicate. One of Scanta’s main projects is called Pikamoji, an app that gives anyone the ability to create engaging and unique AR experiences that can be shared with friends through social media.

Scanta in the process of integrating Pikamoji directly on mobile devices, making it much easier for users to access augmented reality avatars. They plan on expanding their partnerships with other messenger apps and evolving the culture in which we communicate with one another. Scanta is currently partnered with brands such as Coca-Cola, Dunkin’ Donuts, Wendy’s, and Au Bon Pain and are excited to see the way these brands will make use of this AR technology.

In recent news, Chaitanya has announced their newest project involving machine learning technology. Scanta is in the works of joining augmented reality with AI to take communication to the next level. Imagine telling Alexa to send a message to a friend. AI would be able to pick out key words of the message analyze them, and create an avatar with specific facial expression and actions. This technology will ultimately make conversation much more immersive.

Augmented reality bridges the gap between the physical and virtual world by placing virtual objects over physical ones. Machine learning picks up patterns from data to configure accurate predictions. When joined together, this dynamic combination could be a solution for many pressing problems that diverse industries face. It is without a doubt that AR machine learning technology is the next big thing and to learn how this asset can be implemented is what drives Scanta to innovate.

To find out more about Scanta check out our website and keep up to date for exciting announcements coming up.

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