Men have been killed for rejecting women’s advances, too.
Sumant Manne

Men have been killed for rejecting women’s advances, too. There exists the phrase “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!” Are you really so naive to think this is a one-sided phenomenon?

How frequent is it? When I searched for men getting killed for saying no, unfortunately the results I get are still for women getting attacked. I’m a fan of data, and while it’s not the best data it’s certainly better that simply making a supposition.

Further, is it something that men feel is enough of a risk? Quoting a platitude is not convincing in any meaningful way. In fact, it’s literally naive to use something like this to substantiate your perspective. Even if you feel it’s “commonsense” it’s important to realize that commonsense is very often not supported by data. Unless you feel that women have more fury then men, which is a position that I do not believe.

Especially considering that gender roles in our world already place an inordinate amount of passivity on women with respect to dating. There’s a reason why you get different results when you google search “Is it okay for a woman to ask a man out?” compared to when you reverse the sexes. There isn’t giant discussions online going into whether or not it’s okay for a woman to ask a man out because it’s seen as equivalently normal to

Is that even a reasonable fear?

It’s irrelevant if it’s reasonable if they’re still feeling it — especially if it’s something shared by groups large enough to be considered a demographic. If you felt fear due to an action I was making, and I know that it’s something that made you feel on edge, it’s simply disrespectful for me to continue to engage in it.

Why aren’t women afraid of alcohol?

Many of them actually are, especially in the context of “don’t leave your drink unattended.” We as a culture place the responsibility on women to ensure they don’t get drunk so that they can’t be taken advantage of. We spend very little telling people that they shouldn’t take advantage of people that are drunk for their own sexual desires.

Charlene Haparimwi seems to be happy with the idea that women are no more than helpless children who are a victim of situation and circumstance every moment of the day. According to her, women are driven by fear and can be coerced into doing your bidding by being a scary-looking man. What pathetic creatures!

Then I think you don’t understand what she’s saying (there’s also no need to bring her back into it when talking with me — ask yourself why you felt it necessary to literally tag her back in?). Further, if your conclusion is correct, it’s still important to understand why rather than simply calling people pathetic. This isn’t productive and actually undermines men’s rights advocacy because it becomes easier to simply dismiss as anti-feminist/anti-woman rhetoric.

How do you feel when people frame your views as disrespectful towards men, unable to control themselves or show common decency? How do you feel when people excuse the actions of men with “boys will be boys?”

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