To publish that thing you wrote, or not?
Jon Jackson

I think that, even though the majority of us think twice about publishing something we wrote because of the reasons you talked about, there’s another thing that we may consider when publishing something.

We let a fraction of people tell us if the text is good, if the story told is okay, but we gotta have the notion of our own art. If you think is nice and someone might like it, I’m 100% sure that you have to publish in any place you want.

Maybe, just maybe, you reach someone who wants to publish, make a project with you, or even you start to build a fan base. It happened to me before, it sure can happen with anyone else.

And to conclude I have a quote that fits perfectly on the situation:

“If you have a good story, you should tell it everywhere or else you don’t have a good story at all.”
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