Why I Think I Should Marry a Rich Man
Emma Lindsay

I am speechless (in a good way). In college I dated a few wonderfully strong women (who were feminists), and one of the late night discussions that I proposed was that the feminist logic was partially wrong. They needed to find socially acceptable men that were either beta or switches (using sexual terms since it fits), to then have multiple kids to raise with the morals and reasoning that women preferred. With enough reproduction mass then views on life would change … (screaming match about me being a guy then happened and I felt really really small …)

But Mother Nature (if you are non-religious) or God (religious) seriously is a jokester …. think about it … from sexual views to sexual peak, it is a wonder humanity reproduces at all.

Another fantastic article …. though I am not sure … I think you should have titled this … I Dream of being a Pillow Princess … or Dreaming to be a Sugar Baby ….

But honestly though …. someone as dynamic as you … I think a trip down the Stepford road will be more like a Twilight Zone episode …. Tonite, watch Emma enter into a zone of insanity where … (you can fill in the blank ….)

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