Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit?
Emma Lindsay

Imagine you are on the school bus, minding your own business. Talking with your friends about sports, gaming, whatever and someone you may have seen before or even know walks by and then all of a sudden you have this tremendous rush down below that you never felt before (ever). Imagine then something you may have used for “going to the bathroom” gets that certain tingle which you will know later in life, and then as you get older you wish you could have again …. and you experience an erection.

Picture this occurring numerous times … now couple that with being inquisitive you find yourself getting off. Rinse, Wash, Repeat …. there is no talk from a parent, no discussion about whatever … it just explodes.

Now you are 12/10/8/14 …..

You then find (what would be defined for those into drugs) you can relieve the stress by doing certain things that tweak you (and only you) and you can make the feelings go away.

Repeat this heavily, add a dose of no real male models, or god forbid you only have a mother in your family. For some … couple religion in with it …

Women have a cause to celebrity, curse, cry and know when a girl becomes a woman … boys have nothing …. zero/nada.

Fast foward to Gen X onwards (post love child era) mix in a little HIV scariness, add a dab of internet porn, and then had a heavy dose of men are evil/bad/mean/disgusting (go girl power) …. what do we have now.

Large classes of men who have to hide their sexuality and urges and are demonized. So what does this mean? Lots of self alone time with the fetish/excitement of choice because it is far safer then the alternative.

I don’t mean to sound dystopian … but I read horror stories like this where good women are slighted, men are alienated, and the end game is we both look at each with disdain and a raised eye brow looking at each other saying “what the hell is wrong with them” ….

It does make me very sad ….

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