So here are the top 9 pictures from my Instagram account for 2015. These 9 pictures received the most likes so I thought I would let you know what each of these pictures are about.

  1. Picture of Meryl and I at our annual Life.Church Family Reunion. It’s an event where all of our staff and families come together and celebrate all that God has done.
  2. Our first family picture after brining our youngest daughter Gabrielle home from India. This was at our Life.Church Oklahoma City location right after our Christmas service and the first service we all attended together. It was great cause we celebrated over 600 people meeting Jesus across Church Online and all of our physical locations.
  3. This is a picture of Meryl as she leads the annual Sisters event at Church Online.
  4. Meet our Digerati Team Leaders. This picture was taken at Family Reunion which is also when we celebrated our 20 year anniversary — Brian Russell (YouVersion), Chad Marsh (IT), Terry Storch (Digerati Team Leader), Kyle Kutter (Church to Church) and me.
  5. This is from a Church Online service where we saw 111 people give their life to Christ in one service!!!
  6. This is the first picture we took of our youngest daughter Gabrielle with our oldest, Mikayla.
  7. Family picture of us at a park having lunch.
  8. This is at a park which was very close to where I grew up in Bahrain. It was a memorable moment being able to come back to this place and film for Church Online.
  9. This is again in Bahrain.