Why I Purchased a Meta Quest 2, to Join the Metaverse

It occurred to me that I was feeling stagnant or underwhelmed like life had become stale. Virtual Reality headset, hmm I thought that could be interesting. With my thoughts on augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, thought even if this wasn’t the future to take a guess at what tool was at the beginning. Or how the world wide web, was made on a Next cube, I had to wonder if this might be that tool. It feels real.

Supernatural was by far my favorite game, as it shows textures that are on par with real life, I could hold the Saber during meditation and just stare at the glass at how real it was. Thankfully the Meta Quest 2, has a feature to turn on that tells you when and if your going to bump into anyone or something, as it is possible to be so wrapped up you forget your at home.

I found another game that uses Meta's natural language processor, 'Waltz of the Wizard.' One example of putting artificial intelligence out there, it's just for conjuring spells, but can add a little more immersion. It seems that a list of companies are getting the message that we as consumers want more features like this, or the ability to ask Siri to order more gold coins.

We could have a new era of games or apps that use the device camera for artificial intelligence selecting data sets, instead of showing the camera itself. If I look at a window for more than five seconds, will it get bigger, would blinking twice be how to select items on screen. Like a PDF app that zooms in everytime you look at a table, or chart, it essentially uses predictions based on your history, and where your eyes were looking.

Such apps like these are going to be made available or could be, on Meta's Quest 2, with the developers support. Having a headset is just a way to try out the new tech.


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Alan Villarreal

Author, San Franciscan, and affordable housing activist. HBO series, published manuscript. VillarrealBlog.Com or alanreply@icloud.com.