Concrete Playground

Carey Lynch keeps it real on and off the board. Here he shows us the level of creative thinking required to take ordinary concrete creations to the next level.

Carey Lynch goes f/s 50–50 for a warm up.

After a quick warm up session Carey goes up and over for the cameras.

Carey Lynch ollie at the NAU Student Union.

Skate sessions can be the most thrilling part of a day or a complete nightmare. You battle the inner demons and phyiscal pain over one trick even though no one is telling you to. There’s a level of persistence that all skaters possess which distinguishes them from your average jock. There is no trophy at the end. No halftime snack. No cheerleaders. And certainly no coaches. Casey Lynch finished out this afternoon session with a third try tre flip over a ridiculous flat ground gap which brought all the boys to the yard.

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