Now is not the time to go Green (Party)
Friends of the Earth

Let me get this right, you are endorsing a candidate that supports and promotes fracking, is a war hawk and who believes environmentalists should, “get a life”. A candidate that has gained from a rigged primary, who gets donations from oppressive regimes, (through a family foundation), is supported by the oil industry, the banks, Wall street and who even opposed the $15 minimum wage until she thought better, and changed her ‘public’ position. Let us also not forget her support of those trade deals.

There is more to running a country than experience as the person elected will have a multitude of advisers. What truly matters is good judgement, their intent and sound character. Will they be trusted at home and importantly abroad?

Do you really trust Hillary? Consider the Clintons in Haiti. What about her decisions as SoS regarding Honduras or Libya or Syria? Then there is pay to play and all the conflicts of interest. This lady wants to impose a no fly zone over Syria with Russian and Chinese troops on the ground, and has also threatened Iran with nuclear obliteration. Is she serious? This risks WW3!

As for your bit on Jill Stein one must ask if people like yourself actually supported those that are trying to make political progress on the very issues you claim to hold dear, then perhaps there would be a viable alternative. Jill Stein’s policies are very similar to those of Bernie both in this election and back in previous elections.

But no, better to instead support a candidate who will promote the interests of their corporate donors. Better to support the one that may win, for it would never do to be seen to do otherwise.

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