Coming to TechCrunch Distrupt SF 2015 or Oculus Connect?

Viorama has vision to tranform the way we share our reality in 360

Alan Weinkrantz
Sep 21, 2015 · 4 min read

A team from Berlin is on its way to the U.S. to take the wraps off something special at TechCruch’s Disrupt SF and Oculus Connect LA.

What if you could capture a special 360 degree video on your smart phone, without the need to edit, stitch, or spend time on production?

Imagine being at your child’s birthday party, a theatrical performance, or walking through a nature preserve and wanting to not only share the moment on video — but doing so in 360 degree, full panorama just as the moment is happening.

Well now you can with Virorama’s Insta360 capture technology; and you can get a sneak preview when the company will be showcasing and demonstrating at the VR Pavillion during Disrupt SF and Oculus Connect LA.

The Viorama team comes from a varied background in theatrical arts, philosphy of technology, human machine learning and consumer gaming software. Photo by Esra Rotthoff.


The company’s Insta360 Capture technology platform was designed from the ground up, delivering the most compelling and fun user experience on the market today.

If you use and share photos from you smartphone, you’re going to love having the ability to take those special moments in your life, create and share them in a whole new, and easy way.

A Unique Mobile Camera Experience

With more than 1.8 billion photos taken and uploaded to the Internet every day, (source: Meeker Internet Report) Viorama, represents a massive opportunity to join the wave of users who want to take their every day experiences into a whole new genre of video creation.

The ability to capture video, seamlessly assemble a 360 degree user experience in real time, add on other creative assets, with no editing or add-on hardware, represents a unique opportunity for mobile photo and video enthusiasts to transform and share their daily experiences in VR.

Join The VTeam — Early users invited.

If you’re into mobile photography, or just now discovering the world of VR, they’d love to have you as part of something they are calling the VTteam, Viorama’s new early users group.

I know they’d love to have you try out and experience a totally new approach to creating and sharing 360 degree stunning and beautiful video.

The cool thing about Viorama is what you capture can be seen and share on your mobile, desktop, or now, on Google Cardboard.

Coming to Disrupt SF or Oculus Connect? Be sure to connect.

If you are going to be at TechCrunch Disrupt SF or Oculus Connect LA, reach out to the team:, and be sure to include your phone number so they can call or text you.

If you are not coming, they’d love to hear from you and see where they can help you discover a new world where the magic of VR is now is everyone’s hands.

I know they can’t wait to see what you are going to create and share with your world — all with the power of Virorama’s Insta360 capture technology.

Meet the core Viorama Team

Michael Ronen

Michael Ronen is an Israeli Entrepreneur based in Berlin. He brings more than a decade working as an international theater and film director, gaining extensive experience in the online media industry.

Stefan Marx

Stefan Marx is a co-organizer of Berlinʼs Virtual Reality Meetup. Being the Creative Director of Viorama, he draws from pushing the boundaries of filmmaking and theatre by combining these with Virtual Reality in the recent years. As a graduated philosopher of technology he understands and cherishes the implications of the big idea behind Viorama.

Maximilian Schneider

Maximilian Schneider is also a co-organizer of Berlinʼs VR Meetup. As a Software Engineer he has successfully scaled multiple web businesses to millions of users. In building Viorama he will combine his strong academic background in Human Computer Interaction and his professional experience to live his passion.

Alan Weinkrantz

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Tech PR / Startup Communications Strategies — San Antonio & Tel Aviv

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