Innovations of Olympic Proportions at Eureka Park / CES 2016

Going to CES 2016?
Come discover the brains and innovative startups from Greece who can help you tap into the incredible engineering talent for your next initiative in the value chain of microelectronics, IoT, and embedded systems.

I recently returned a tour of the startup and innovation ecosystem of Greece, where I was sponsored by Enterprise Greece and hosted hosted by the Microelectronics Cluster (mi-Cluster), supported by Corallia and the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association.

In working with Demetris Papailiou (above), mi-Cluster Manager, I discovered a very deep bench of technical expertise and innovation in micro-electronics, IoT, and embedded systems.

Many of the companies I met with, go back to the origins of WiFi, BlueTooth, Zigbee and and other communications platforms and standards that are a part of our everyday lives.

Companies like Samsung, Citrix, Dialog Semiconductor, and Ceragon all have had a major presence in the region, resulting in a follow-on group of startups that have come from the talent pool of really smart engineers.

Demetris is bringing team of eight companies who will be exhibiting at Eureka Park during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 6–9, 2106.

If you are looking for OEM / ODM and design expertise, you’d be well served to reach out to Demetris — to learn more and schedule a meeting at CES.

Connect here on LinkedIn and course, reach out via email.

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