Let’s meet at Tech Open Air / Berlin

In advance of Tech Open Air in Berlin next week, I am looking to meet the people who run and operate accelerators and workspaces in Amsterdam, Budapest, Istanbul, Barcelona, Tallinn and Stockholm.

If you are out there, and someone shares or forwards this post with you, please email me: alan@weinkrantz.com. I’d love to meet you in Berlin.

I represent the Rackspace Hosting / Startup program in Israel and looking to expand our reach, the mission to ‪#‎BeHelpful‬ and join in your communities during Israeli national and Jewish holidays when people here in Israel may be taking time off.

In reverse, if you need introductions and looking for collaboration in Israel, I also want to help you. I travel the ecosystem here in Startup Nation, work in just about every accelerator / workspace and cross paths with many many startups.

My mission is to #BeHelpful.

I am of the belief that we’re all on a mission to make the world a better place, leverage the power we now have in our hands to create something out of nothing, and apply our collective independent voices to affect positive change.

See ya’ll in Berlin.

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