The social communications guide to The Israel Conference — Los Angeles …

It’s time to get your best sharing game on.

On October 21 / 22 there’s going to be 700 people coming to the Skirball Center to connect, discover, and follow up with some new connections and opportunities to do great things in the startup and innovation economy of Israel.


You’re coming to The Israel Conference.

Be it on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube feeds, we’d love to help us help you by amplying what you are seeing, experiencing, and who you are connecting with.

And if you are somewhere else in the world, we’d love to see you join in, contribute to the conversation, and see if you can discover new opportunities by listening in on the social channel of you choice.

Please use this hashtag when sharing about The Israel Conference

Be it in person or from afar… here’s some handy tips and guidelines to make the most of your experience.

  1. #TheIsraelConf — please use this hashtag in all your tweets and postings. Doing so let’s the community track the vibe and becomes a great source to the media. Be sure and let your PR / Communications teams now this if they are sharing on site or from afar.
  2. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. When you meet someone, and you agree to connect on LinkedIn, you want to be able to have them remember you for who you are, what could be, and not what was in the past.
  3. Join Silo. This is a great site — for helping people connect and help each other. There’s a big Israel-centric focus and it’s a great place to look for and help out on new opportunities.
  4. Shout out to companies you like, people you meet who inspire you and presenters that rattled your cage. Be sure and get the person’s name right, spelling of the family name in shape and share what you learned. There’s people flying here from all over the world and if they moved you, then show them some Twitter / Facebook love.
  5. Follow The Israel Conference on Social. We’re right here on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to follow our fearless leader, Sharona Justman, here on LinkedIn and here on Facebook. Or send her a big hug and follow her here on Facebook.

The Israel Conference is not just a two-day event.

It’s a year-round opportunity that starts over every October.

We’re starting a new conference, a new year, and the day after the conference, you will want to do your follow up.

So do your homework.

And make sure you are connected and listening to your new friends and contacts that you’ve made.