Carmageddon is Coming
Angus Hervey

Well, I think inertia will play a huge factor in delaying the realization of this imagined world. But beyond that, there’s the issue of distance. Electric cars have limited range, and the age-old American past-time of the road trip isn’t going away. Furthermore, if you life (as I do) in a rural area, virtually none of this applies. Living nearly 200 miles from a major city (if Green Bay is a major city — if it isn’t, well add more miles) no one here uses Uber (because there are no Uber drivers, no one uses an electric car (it can’t go far enough and there are no charging stations). The urban world may change, but to replace the gas-powered car will take a lot of infrastructure changes much more broadly across the world than Mr. Hervey acknowledges. And, of course, as always the not-so-urban world was completely ignored.

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