Site Investigations: Assurance of a Safer Tomorrow

Risks inherent within the ground are attributed to significant cost and time overruns on construction projects. Instead of addressing such risks by a comprehensive site investigation, they are often ignored as an unnecessary cost. Savings on the site investigation budget generally prove to be false economies. Many employers and their consultants do not fully appreciate the inherent risks within the ground at inception stage.

Even while purchasing a property, people seem to overlook the loopholes in the structural framework of the building, and refuse to get in touch with building surveyors. This might save them some capital, but it may incur sizeable financial losses in case of a catastrophe.

Not just before buying any new property or land, regular audits and investigations should be carried out by certified civil engineers of your residence or office for the detection of potential threats that could prove to be fatal if not rectified timely. The buildings, which look normal from the outside, may be suffering from internal damage because of earthquakes and occasional floods.

People often consider site investigations and surveys as trivial matters, matters that do not need any attention. There can be pitfalls of such an attitude, as there can be many issues with a building that might need immediate resolution.

Why you might need building surveyors?

You might need a surveyor when you are dealing with a huge, old and dilapidated property, a building that is unusual or altered, or if you are planning major works such as extensions or renovations. A consultation with a civil engineer would undoubtedly help you to proceed freely.

Therefore, building surveyors and civil engineers should be called on board for auditing the overall framework of your property. In case of any deficiencies, they will suggest proper remedial action.

Even on an on-going project, site investigations should be periodically carried out to ensure rigidity and longevity of the framework of the building. Constructions and building projects require professional investigations to ensure that the work is executed with the highest level of quality that matches all the agreed design requirements and, most importantly, client aspirations.

Building surveys and site investigation are all-round, comprehensive quality control services; the firm’s guarantee that the materials used, all equipment and systems are of good quality, function well and conform to the standards.

Along with site investigations, they also offer a plethora of other services, such as-

  • Blast design
  • Boundary disputes
  • Topographic survey
  • Expert witness
  • Demolition
  • Traffic assessment
  • Building regulation applications, and many such offerings.

These services are rapidly becoming a mainstream; people and real estate developers are using them to ensure the safety of their property, and loved ones.

The construction industry today has started to rely more on site investigations more than any time before. It is easier than ever to build cost-effective yet robust structures. Using the latest technology in their field, site investigators provide detailed insights and provide specialty services that not only would help engineers, contractors and builders, but rather have a direct impact on designing and constructing buildings successfully and safely.