A Beginning.

Beginning — the first hurdle. After a project starts, it can do many things: blossom into a fruitful success, or wither away into dust, or anything in between. But without the planting of the seed, a first step into the unknown, nothing is possible.

Who knows what will come of this experiment — only time can tell. But we’ll see and learn through the next few weeks, months, and maybe years. If this survives long into the future, it will serve as a point of connection between those who have built it from the ground up. If it does not, the nature of the internet is to have it remain for posterity, so we as adults will be able to look back on our high school years and see our growth and our naiveté.

It is possible that this project gets abandoned quickly, as everybody continues on with their busy lives. But every journey begins with a first step. This is ours.

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