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  • Chris, I think you are right on about this divide. I only see it from a distance, reading posts or letters to the editor, or watching cable news. I live in in Silicon Valley and here we are in a little bubble. Don’t think we have people congregating in McDonald’s so much, but then I haven’t been in one in ages. We do coffee shops here and most people are sitting alone in front of their laptops.

I do believe this pro-Trump/anti-Hillary/anti-Obama phenomenon has been stoked by Fox News and right-wing radio over the past couple of decades. That is another world with twisted logic, half truths and outright lies. This all has allowed the Trump lying to seem perfectly OK. They are used to it and to the conman persona. After all, Hannity and Limbaugh and OReilly each are one part Trump with a dash of Coulter.

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