for my best friend on her birthday

Dandelion: The flower for overcoming hardship.

strength and compassion
without even trying 
so many wrongs done right 
just with her smiling 
a smile I miss so damn much 
as many times as she’s been crushed
but does she even know?
that hope has a home where her eyes are
and dandelion love flows from her every scar
like blankets of ‘we will see the sun again’ 
covering the fire in the ugly dark eyes of pain 
I hope she knows that she is still
beautiful as the day we met 
strong as the hands that made her 
fragile as the ground she fled
and when her weary soul starts aching for rest 
and she can’t see the sun no longer 
I hope these words remind her
that my stubborn love will always surround her 
like the millions of suns I see break upon her 
every time she takes a step